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Re: Lockheed Family

En las próximas 48h estará disponible una nueva versión de este excelente JSF F-35A aquí podéis ver algunas de sus mejoras y cambios Giñar


All cockpit objects New UVMAP to support PBR NORMAL. (issues involve Image Bleed Through)
All landing gear new. Includes: PBR texture, animations, and planemaker adjustments made to positions and lights.
Fix LIT for center console buttons
Screws on panels show alpha through objects they sit in front of.
Enlarge clickable region for ejection handle.
Set new materials for canopy glass.
Add pitch control switch to cockpit.
FCS Reset button created and functional
Canopy animation bug. Fixed.
Class materials remodeled.
Lateral CANOPY glass edges don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t connect all of the way the frame.  Fixed.
Uneven number of mounting brackets on canopy. Fixed.
Uneven Formation lights – remodeled and fixed on F-35 A file only.
UV Map baseline image for painting Canopy glass.
UV / PAINT for nose-gear landing-door edges & fuselage edges. Fix
Air intake mounting (needs to be attached to main body). (AF-01 model only)
Airfoil customization and Layout.
Add external weapon placements for radar reflectors to the AF-01.
Landing Gear Coefficients adjusted.
Phase Out Controls added.
Trim Settings adjusted – auto trim removed.
Artificial Stability adjusted.
Autopilot functions adjusted.
Fuel tanks changed in number, now = 2.
Additional body elements added to the flight model.
Flaperon, HSTAB, VSTAB animation and dataref corrections.
Aileron 2 removed from flight model.
Additional unused elements removed from flight model
F-35 cannon recording added.
Missile sound added.
Bomb sound release added.
Landing gear actuator sound added.
Flap actuator sound added.
Dry & wet thrust sounds added.
Flyby sound recorded from actual F-35 pass added.
Sonic boom added.  
Paint kit updated.
Textures updated.
LIT textures updated.
Normal textures updated.
Static Scenery Object – Optimized with new lower quality textures made to save computer performance.
A.I Model developed- Unused and wasteful high definition objects and animations removed / low poly cockpit added / Separate FMOD sounds / Planemaker adjustments made required by A.I. to fly the jet at normal subsonic speeds.
FMOD sounds added: sonic boom, flyby sound for sub and supersonic flight, external engine, internal engine, avionics, ejection handle, switches, knobs, buttons, protective housing covers, Canopy transitions, flap actuators, landing gear, substile runway, tire screech, missiles, bombs, and guns.

And much more is not yet listed on here as we would rather be finish the work rather than spending time writing change logs

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Re: Lockheed Family

Ya esta disponible y es free Giñar  
F-35A Joint Strike Fighter XP11.30+ 3D cockpit Azn
Nota: Leer instrucciones de instalación incluidas en la web. Descargar también el Manual PDF.
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